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Babymooning: The selfish pregnancy trend I absolutely subscribe to

Having children is wonderful, but pregnancy is hell. I’m proudly part of a growing trend, where mums-to-be go on holiday. 10/10 would babymoon again.



While I’d absolutely have kids again, I’d never be pregnant again. Ever. I shudder at the thought. Your mind is foggy, your nerves pinched, back destroyed, as you waddle through life like some sort of hormonal teapot. As the general colloquialism goes: Yeah, nah.

However, the reason why I dredged up long suppressed memories, is that I totally subscribe the now-popular trend of ‘babymooning’. For the uninitiated, is it the act of holidaying in an exotic location whilst pregnant. It is exactly what it sounds. A last hurrah. The mum-to-be version of the last meal on death row. As soon as the clock ticks down to zero, the non-mum you is strapped the chair, and zzzap!

Which is all well and good, and I have no problem with evolving, Motherhood has been beautiful, but to those who are feeling overawed by the physical and mental strain of pregnancy, know that it’s more than ok to take a break from it. I viewed my trip as a tropical time out. I figured everything would be there when I got back, and the peanut would be coming with me. The tests were clear, I was off work, I was just waiting until the date.

So why not?

I packed my bags, and left my baggage (partner too) at home. What did I do when I got there?

Nothing. And it was spectacular.

However, I’m obviously not unique, as the babymoon is an established trend. In fact, Norman Morris from Roy Morgan articulated it, stating: “While expecting parents are markedly less likely than the average Australian to be planning a trip in the next five months, the fact remains that more than four of every 10 are intending to go away at some point within this time frame. Although the data doesn’t tell us whether they all consider their planned trip to be a babymoon, it certainly suggests that taking one last carefree break before having a baby is not rare.

When we compare the holiday attitudes of expecting parents to the average Australian, we find that the former are almost 40% more likely than the latter to agree that ‘I like to go away on weekends’ and 40% more likely to ‘enjoy holidays where everything is organised for you.’ Indeed, enterprising hotels and resorts are already targeting this niche group with ‘babymoon’ packages designed to cater to these particular preferences.”


Roy Morgan Single Source (Australia), April 2015-March 2016


So, my closing point, is allow yourselves to be selfish. Count it as the first family holiday if you, like. Take your partner, or don’t. Just know that there will be no “I” for the next two decades, plus change.

See you on the beach.


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