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While you were asleep: House of Cards to continue, student becomes Christmas Tree, Cosplayers invade Tokyo

Good morning, pets. Overnight, the House of Cards was rebuilt, a student decided to play God and people dressed up as things in Tokyo for some unknown reason.



House of Cards will continue, Claire Underwood to take the lead.

First, let me start positively, as the welcoming grip of good news winds its way around our hips. Everyone’s maybe favourite dwelling constructed from a gambling tool/political guilty pleasure, House of Cards will seemingly carry on, sans everyone’s ex-favourite dog murdering backstabbing, bodyguard jousting President, Frank Underwood.

Wonderfully, the series will continue for one more in the very capable hands of Robin Wright, Claire uber alles. I won’t drop the spoilers that I’ve discovered, but it seems that Claire will be Frank’s successor. The question, of course, is in what capacity? Family? Gubernatorial? or drawn out soliloquising in a rural twang? Who’s to say?



Student splices her DNA with Christmas Tree for hubristic gain.

Ah, the silly season. Where jaded faces are reanimated with the eggnog of revelry, protracted anecdotes from elderly relations, and most importantly, a loosening of what you can get away with in public.

On the latter, one student has decided to play God, and fuse her DNA with the most recognisable icon of the holiday season, the humble Christmas Tree. The sordid affair originally started (as all crimes against humanity tend to do), as a joke; student Kelsey Hall baited Twitter with the promise of turning herself into a tree/person hybrid for the low low fee of one thousand retweets.


As it turns out, it’s alive, and also keen to forgo the long-accepted traditions of the Christmas Tree, deciding not to stand in the corner of the lounge room, Kelsey decided to wander freely around her local campus. And wander she should. She’s no sap.



Cosplay enthusiasts descend on Tokyo, trample landscape.

Cosplay, by definition, is the needless sexualisation of pop-culture enthusiastically enabled by the sexless. It’s essentially dress-up for adults, where the faceless members of society trade in theirs for a notable mask to reap the benefits of notable anonymity, steeled by the possibility of cul-de-sac compliments, and the chance of senpai noticing you.



Overnight, this odd flock descended on Tokyo comic-con, a sprawling neon metropolis not exactly known for its dark idiosyncratic corners (ha!), to stoically show allegiance the freak flag, and all its strange flutterings enable.

Vale, you well-adjusted mob.




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