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While you were asleep: Pipebomb hits NY, Netflix goes the full Orwell, Meghan Markle’s home for sale

Gah! The sun, she burns! Overnight, explosive violence again visited NY, Netflix scared everyone with their love, and the house that Prince Harry frequented is now for sale.



Bomb hits New York, police claim it may have been motivated by ISIS.

I’ll say this about New York, they’re a fine people seemingly forever steeled by the occasional bomb loosed on their snow-blanketed hot-dog littered streets. Overnight, explosive violence again toured those streets, visiting the Port Authority Bus Terminal, the happiest place on earth.



Fortunately, it seems that there are no victims, as the four injured by the pipe-bomb suffered wounds that were mainly superfluous, which is fortunate, however, we’ve recently visited the same pivot point. Akayed Ullah, the man who set off aforesaid explosives is a native of a faraway place, inspired by the teachings of a faraway force, in Islamic State.

Considering the reaction of the White House soon after the last attack on Halloween, where the immigration screws were tightened considerably, consider the same to be court. Although I’m glad that there is not a body count, you do tend to worry about the law abiding American-Bangladeshis that will surely bear the girth of Donald’s reaction.





Netflix goes the full Big Brother route, but only because they care.

The central conceit swirling around 1984’s Big Brother, is that he’s an ever-present symbol of man, and indeed a party that looks solely to do you a very bad time indeed. Where our reality diverts from that fiction, is that the overlord that is keeping an eye on us, actually cares about us.



Yeah. It brings up the obvious question of that fact that they are watching us, and indeed, what could they do with our data, and suddenly I’m a bit afraid, but it could be worse. They could be press-ganging us into doing exercise. Shudder.

Tell you what, to be honest, callisthenics aside, Winston and I share far too much of too much. Doubleplus good, eh?



The toilet that Prince Harry probably used now for sale.

Ahoy, Royalists! Considering that the world’s most preeminent Ginger sex symbol (ha) is now off the market, there’s a rather large trivial vacuum present, where those keen on the royal family must elevate every address to historical curio, serving as the prologue to a love that is so much more worthy than our own.


With that in mind, those in possession of $1.4m (and terrible impulse) can live in the three bedroom house previously owned by Meghan Markle, and probably, where the storied two either exchanged or expelled bodily fluids on more than one occasion. What? That’d be the primary reason why you’d buy it, right?

It’s just a house, guys. Chill.



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