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Facebook gift exchange scam spreads just in time for Christmas

Just two weeks short of the date, a new scam on Facebook promises to shower you with gifts in a communal environment, for a low, low cost. Who believes this tosh?



The Christmas scam is almost as storied as its distant, meaty rhyming cousin. Originating in the peak of celluloid (maybe) with It’s a wonderful life and the lack of Christmas bonus the Griswalds endured, the real-life version of the chrimbo scam has substantially less star power, but considerably more relatability.

Unwrapping itself on the shores of our colonial oppressors/overlords comes the “secret sister” scam, who lurks the most empathetic corners of Facebook in the hope that the most giving/less thinking of us turn over our squirrelled monetary nuts to those we don’t know.

The scam itself is simple:



Apparently, the hoax has been carried out to the extent whereby people are even posting fake photos of their “secret sister” presents on social media, claiming that it was in fact, legitimate.

Shock and/or horror, it isn’t. It is, in fact, the latest incarnation of the grandest of all ancient scams, the pyramid scheme, a plot that takes many forms, before taking your money.

The central conceit of this scam is that you outlay a small amount, which somehow manifests itself in many presents, because, presumably, you’re generally excellent, and this is merely the cosmos doling out recompense for your rad actions.

Yeah, nah.