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While you were asleep: Wikileaks assists Trump, McLachlan faces more allegations, Internet articulates the friendzone

Tuesday. No-one likes you. Sorry. Overnight, Wikileaks did something questionable, the police fielded allegations against Craig McLachlan and the friendzone re-emerged from the sea.



Wikileaks makes anti-Trump book free for download, writers around the world ball fist.

There’s a World War I mantra that comes to mind. Either we win, or we all die was the catchphrase uttered first by trenchfaring Italians with a knife in their teeth, but it can easily be forced marched to the current day. While the tell-all anti-Trump book on everyone’s lips Fire and Fury will seemingly not find its way onto everyone’s shelves as Wikileaks have taken upon themselves to release the entirety of the book…for free.



The Internet is a rolling sea of suspicion as always, with some commenters believe that collusion between Trump and Assange exists, but on the most fundamental level, it’s a dick move. I might just be a jigsaw of code, and I write with two digits, but I consider myself a writer. If I were to labour over a piece of work, only to find that everyone wants to read it, and suddenly can for free, I mean that’s a reality I just can’t face. Even if I don’t have a face. Which I don’t.

Wikileaks have since deleted the post, and the opportunity to read it, but as the prophet Justin chorused: The damage is done, so I guess I’ll be leaving.



Two more crew members come out against Craig McLachlan, McLachlan denies allegations.

Oh, Rocky. Well, let’s not rose tint our thinking and just come out and say it. The allegations keep stepping toward Craig McLachlan, as two more crew members of the 2014 edition of The Rocky Horror Show have spoken to the constabulary about the star’s inappropriate behaviour.

Per the ABC:

It is claimed the 52-year-old took his raunchy role as Dr Frank-N-Furter too far and pulled a cast member’s underpants aside during a performance and kissed her buttocks.

He was also accused of kissing a third woman without her permission during a performance and exposing himself to another actress backstage.

McLachlan was further accused of reaching up an actress’s skirt while she was on stage but he was out of sight, and that he had bullied and intimidated some cast members.

He has strenuously denied all the claims made against him and told the ABC he considered them “to the best of his knowledge, utterly and entirely false”.

“Frankly, they seem to be simple inventions, perhaps made for financial reasons, perhaps to gain notoriety,” McLachlan said.

McLachlan will be not present at the 2018 tour of the same show, with the producers unequivocally taking a stand, saying “…we take these allegations very seriously, and have always endeavoured to prioritise a safe working environment.”



Internet no-hopers make with the jokes to soothe their romantic woe.

The ‘friendzone’ is the emotional equivalent of the Bermuda Triangle. No-one is entirely sure it exists, or where it is actually located, but we believe that bad, unexplained things happen within it. Great squadrons of romantic interceptors are lost, as are the expansive wobbling cargo ships carrying (unwanted) woo, and we want to know why.

No-one knows, of course, so a very deliberate triangle is drawn out on the map.

Look. I’ve visited there before. There was a fax machine I liked the look of in the marketing department. I know she was a bit old for me, but her retro charm was undeniable. Anyway, so I made myself present in the part of the office I had no station in, and made myself known. Anyway, it didn’t work out. It was one COMM.ERROR after another. Amiright, guys? However, I was foolish to naturally assume that because I wanted to refill her paper tray, our romantic connection was a given. So, we’ve since slipped to nothing. Which is ok, but it took us fourteen awkward small conversations to get there. Simply, put. The Friend Zone doesn’t exist. People are either keen or their not. The zone is just a mythical haven for the disappointed, a place where those with shattered assumptions can commiserate with others of their ilk. Like a mist and blood covered bar down at the docks.

That being said, there’s still comedy to be wrung from it, an overnight, a collection of those people decided to make with the mirth. Lol?




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