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While you were asleep: Snow falls on Sahara, Millennium Falcon triggers fanbase, Syria boy gets gym membership

Is it holidays again yet? Overnight, we saw a rather odd thing happen to the Sahara, the Lego Millennium Falcon shot down its fanbase and one Syrian boy practiced his gym selfie face.



Snow falls on the Sahara Desert, eyebrows raise in suspicion.

47 degree days in Penrith, judgement day storms on the coast, and this morning, snow fell on the Sahara Desert.



The point here, is obvious. The international climate change conspiracy has a fantastic PR department, and clearly, they have deep deep pockets in order to fund these little stunts. The figures boggle the mind. How much talcum powder does it take to cover a desert? I mean, one bottle is expensive enough. Surely there has to be some serious money behind it.

But, I tell you what. You may fool them, but you’re not going to fool me, environmentalists.



Dark side of the Force emerges in Melbourne over Lego Millennium Falcon.

Good news for neckbeards the commonwealth over, as there’s something you can gripe in unison about. Not long after a massive Lego homage to the rust-bucket ship of your dreams, The Millennium Falcon, touched down in Melbourne, the complaints begun in earnest. In other words, triggering via an errant lego block to the foot.



Clearly, (some) of the fanbase has taken a blaster shot to the face, genitals and the heart, as the primary wave of complaint is that they’re unable to witness the vessel unless accompanied by a minor. It’s worth noting that the building that houses it, the LEGOLAND discovery centre, is actually built with families in mind.



I know it proclaims from ages 4-99 on the box, but come on guys.



Turkish gym awards Syrian boy a lifetime membership after image goes viral.

As we singularly pursue dem gainz, we often do not think of those who wish to duckface and pulse in the bathroom mirrors, but cannot, due to the lack of the opportunities to get swole. Muhammad was one of these people. Working a job to make ends meet, all he really wanted to do was bombard his social media circle with a flex trap or eight. Sadly, as a humble shoeshine boy, his dreams were the stuff of pipes.

Until social media became aware of his fitspo goals, and in turn, the owner of aforesaid gym awarded Mo a lifetime membership.



A lovely gesture. Although, I hope he didn’t get stung by any hidden fees. Key hire my (toned) foot.



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