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While you were asleep: UKIP’s bae racially taunts Markle, the hard-left militarise, Chelsea Manning to run for Senate

Well, it’s Monday, and with it, a spate of topics that make you complain in vowels. Overnight, Meghan Markle faced more racism, America got another disparate group and Chelsea Manning will run for the US Senate.



UKIP leader’s partner takes a racial swing at Meghan Markle.

Well, I’m going to be honest. This is just unfortunate on many fronts. The girlfriend (and age is a factor here) of UKIP (the mob who pushed to restore the Old England, *cough* Brexit) has decided to make with the racism, cutting down the future Princess Meghan via lurid textual assault.

Jo Marney, 25 years her boyfie’s junior made his hotline bling, articulating her position on race. And admittedly, it’s a pretty poor one.



The recipient of the texts was Henry Bolton, UKIP leader, and to his credit, if the above is to be believed, he certainly wasn’t onboard with the rhetoric, however, this is clearly a headache Henners doesn’t need, as he’s already facing Brit scandal for leaving his wife, Tatiana Smurova, just before Christmas to bed the glamour model with the awful auspices. Australian politics, you’re not the girl you think you are.

However, and on a serious note, the vows between Harry and Meghan has revealed something as old as the gilded carriage his mum takes down to the shops, that old vestigial stiff-upper-lip, with narrowed eyes coloured with racism. Alongside this bit, we also recently viewed Princess Michael of Kent’s unfortunate brooch she wore on route to meet Meghan. Lord.


And on a more general note, the entirety of Prince Philip’s everything. Unfortunate, that.


America’s ‘hard-left’, gets hard, fires guns and stuff.

Hooley Dooley, the militarised left is now a thing. And look, I know they’re armed to the teeth, but to me, they just look like the employees of your local coffee hub who decided on ‘something risky’ for this year’s Christmas Party, and below is their pre-paintball selfie.


ABC News (John Mees)


Serving up this locally sourced, responsibly harvested batch of home-grown resistance is the ‘Redneck Revolt’, a hard left collective of anti-Trump citizens, who among other things, are looking to take back the derogatory term for themselves. Per the ABC, “…Redneck Revolt wants to instil honour in the word (redneck) as a tribute to America’s working class; people who, they say, may not realise they are being hurt by big business and government.”

Note, not satire. In fact, the entirety of the ABC piece should be digested, as it is as interesting as it is mind-boggling. However, as an outsider, an obvious point must be raised. RR represents the hard left, in exactly the same way that those who should not be named (as Nazis) man the opposite. If one needs a barometer to measure the amount of bullshit thick in the clouds above modern-day America, put your head out the window, and then slam it shut.

Dwayne Dixon (the one in the skinny jeans and red scarf), stated to Foreign Correspondent “…we want our story told because it’s ordinary people standing up against fascism, facing down fear, and attempting to reshape our small corner of the world into a space of egalitarianism and shared efforts for our needs and desires.”

The method of facing down fear, and reshaping our small corner is clearly to grip the stock of an AK-47. Dixon closes with a trite aphorism, in that “…(he’s) never going to stand by and let people get hurt.”



Chelsea Manning to run for US Senate, poses obvious problem.

And finally, the political prisoner formerly known as Bradley, has decided to run as the Senate representative for Maryland.



Chelsea Manning, who was famously thrown in the brig for sharing secrets via Julian’s merkin, Wikileaks, will now stand in front of the flag, and serve the nation that punished her. To be honest, I’m not sure how I feel about it. On one hand, she’s the ultimate anti-establishment figure, which is so hot right now, an icon against the brutality of the nanny state, but on the other, we sort of don’t know anything about her. To be frank, through the prism of American politics, the same reason why people can trust her is the same reason why people can’t trust her.

She leaked secrets, yo.

So, is she gets there, she might well be seen as the Senator from Wikileaks, but at least there’s little risk of that website torpedoing her push.




Sorry, Hill.



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