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Married at First Sight quick wrap: The problem with ‘bottle cap’ Sean

Oh, Sean. You spectacular dolt. Taking us through last night’s Married at First Sight carnage are two desperately addicted cynics. Warning: May contain sass.



Recovering from last night, Te and Mick recap the weddings of unorganised Matt and “planning all her life” Alycia, alongside the “bubbly, but possibly delusional” Jo and Sean, the man reliably described as a bottle cap.

It’s a night of opposites as we discover that even though one person can plan a day all her life, she still decides to get ‘married’ on a reality show. That and that maybe…just maybe, you should try your wedding suit a little earlier than half an hour before the ceremony.

Call it Quick MAFS.



The Big Smoke will be publishing morning wraps of last night’s mistakes, but also keep an eye out for regular Facebook Live recap videos and a weekly podcast all to chart the escapades of a bunch of Aussies that get married, but actually, really don’t.

Season 1 Married At First Sight reject Te Rina and (happily married) 2ser presenter Mick Rad honestly appraise the twenty future Love Island residents in Marred at first sight.




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