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Married at First Sight quick wrap: Tradie meets man-eating lady

What do you get when a man-eating Instagram pseudo celeb meets a half-drunk tradie? The train crash that is Married at First Sight. Mick is on hand to articulate the carnage.



In the third batch of weddings for the first week, we are treated to two fairly different experiences. The Instagram-famous (whatever that means) Davina who survives on a diet of men and Ryan (another) tradie who likes his beer and a little bit of “chub”.

Reservations are immediately made at the doghouse. The other pair seems to get along, but Mother will try and ruin that. Charlene and Patrick have already gone the full snog and seem to be besotted, but maybe Patrick will choose family over reality stardom?

Also, keep at least one eye open for a cameo from yesterday’s hero, Bottlecap Sean. We’re pretty sure his soul has left his body by this point.

All hail Quick MAFS.



The Big Smoke will be publishing morning wraps of last night’s mistakes, but also keep an eye out for regular Facebook Live recap videos and a weekly podcast all to chart the escapades of a bunch of Aussies that get married, but actually, really don’t.

Season 1 Married At First Sight reject Te Rina and (happily married) 2ser presenter Mick Rad honestly appraise the twenty future Love Island residents in Marred at first sight.




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