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Married at First Sight quick wrap: Left alone with Dean on the first Honeymoon night

Last night presented us with the first Honeymoon night of MAFS. It was as brutal as you’d expect. Poor Te.



The first Honeymoon evening struck our host hard, as she was forced to endure witnessing the luxury Honeymoons she wasn’t part of. Naw.

Nevertheless, Tracey and Australia’s next top antagonist, Dean jetted off to some tropical island and heard about his douchebag past, the bottlecap went to Singapore and Pat and Charls clumped off to Tasmania. Suffice to say, feelings were trampled on, and many livers were kicked around the nation as a means of compensation and things got as racy as it did awkward.

More to that point, keep an eye out for our host literally cursing as a means to pick up Ryan. Oh, Te. You’re alright.


All hail Quick MAFS, the most cynical (and facts impaired) wrap of the emotional third circle of hell that is Married at First Sight.



The Big Smoke will be publishing morning wraps of last night’s mistakes, but also keep an eye out for regular Facebook Live recap videos and a weekly podcast all to chart the escapades of a bunch of Aussies that get married, but actually, really don’t.

Season 1 Married At First Sight reject Te Rina and (happily married) 2ser presenter Mick Rad honestly appraise the twenty future Love Island residents in Marred at first sight.




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