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Take your business to next level with video and Steve Brossman’s masterclass

You can only go so far in marketing without investing in video. But where to start? Our man Steve Brossman knows exactly where.



Feel like you’re floundering in the world of visual media? Want to use video marketing to take your business to the next level but don’t know where to start?

Steve Brossman is here to help!


TBS: For those who don’t yet know you, tell us about yourself!

I’m Steve Brossman, former TV Show host and Video Marketing Influencer of the year. I help design profitable video strategies for businesses and coach them to be more confident in front of the camera.


Tell us what it is you’re running.

Over two nights, I’m running an online masterclass where I go through the “3 C’s” to create video success.

Night One is all about confidence and connection. It all starts here. That means what to say and how to get the camera to love you. We look at how to use simple videos to communicate with your prospects, community and viewers and get them to take action. By the end of night one, you’ll be shooting videos and have some simple scripts ready to practice.

Night Two is all about the convert ie, making money from your videos.

I’ll take you through a video strategy that is helping myself and clients sign up $10K clients. The best thing about it is that its low tech and low cost… you’ll not only get to see it, but I will help you map out how you can use it.

Why is it so important for businesses to use videos?

Apart from videos being the most powerful communication tool, all search engines and social media sites are pushing for us to use videos. It is now getting to the point that only those who use videos will be found.


What will people learn about video marketing from your course?

They will learn what to say and how to connect with the audience, giving them the CONFIDENCE and BELIEF that they can do it. Then they will learn some low-tech, low-cost strategies that they can implement immediately.


 Who will benefit from this course? 

Small-to-medium sized business owners and professionals who don’t have a large budget to hire a video team. Those who know they need to do something but were too confused so they have put it off.


Where can they sign up? 

Sure! Register at http://pambrossman.com/videomc


Anything else we need to know? 

On Tuesday night (for those who come both nights) we will be giving away over $2,000 worth of prizes…so it will be very worthwhile coming along!