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Sopranos creator confirms series prequel in the works

So it seems that everyone’s favourite crime family, The Sopranos is the next in line for the prequel treatment, with a movie in the works. Bada-bing?



I’m not sure how I feel about this, but a prequel to ‘The Sopranos’ is officially in the drains and pipes of Hollywood.



The HBO-famous take on the modern mishigas of one family-family man in New Jersey was a riotous stroll through the world of millennials, eating condiments, maternal hate and talking fish. However, unlike its predecessor, the prequel will not be a series, but rather a feature film, dubbed ‘The Many Saints of Newark’. TMSOF will take place during in the 1960s race riots, where African Americans threw down with Italian Americans in that lovely industrial Brazil that is Jersey.

Fortunately, series creator David Chase is steering the stugots, promising to bring back regulars from the original series. Due to the time frame, it seems to be an examination of the generation before Tony Soprano, with Deadline surmising that Tony’s Dad, the cuck Giovanni “Johnny Boy” Soprano, the Freud baiting Livia Soprano, and everyone’s favourite cranky favourite uncle, Junior, will feature.

The latter, of course, was wonderfully played by the frayed nerves and liquid pipes of Dominic Chianese.



Sadly, in the interim, we can rule out two cameos, as we’ve lost two of the true greats. Frank ‘right in the shinebox’ Vincent, who played the crying resistant Phil Leotardo, and of course, the king himself, James Gandolfini. May the ducks ne’er carry away your penis again, Tone. Hopefully, and just throwing it out there, in the time/place of exhuming dead actors to cash in on new prequels, I hope that Tony remains respectfully dead.

What we do have at this early stage, is vast excitement, and furio(us) speculation. While it is unclear how many of our favourites will actually return, but as long as Paulie Walnuts returns in some form, everything will be ok with me.