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Smart cookies in China are turning the cockroach into a wonder food (and drug)

We may hate the sight of them, but over in China, the cockroach is being used to solve problems regarding dinner and illness alike. 



The cockroach is a foodstuff growing in popularity so fast you might as well label it I can’t believe it’s no longer clickbait. But it is China (the centre of the future universe) that has pushed this passing fancy beyond the dinner plate and into the medical sphere.

In Shandong alone, the cockroach farming industry is a-booming, as the number of farmers has tripled over the past three years. This is according to Liu Yusheng, president of Shandong Insect Industry Association, which completely legitimises the claim, as he’s the President of such an association. In fact, restaurants regularly sell cockroach dishes in major cockroach-farming provinces. A particular delicacy is moulting cockroaches, usually deep-fried or stir-fried and seasoned with spice and salt. Mmm, crunchy.

Elsewhere in China, a mere aimed newspaper away in Xichang, a two-storey building exists. In this building are six billion cockroaches. The wriggling mass of ick serve a greater purpose, as they will be manufactured into ulcer-curing drugs. According to local media, the roach hotel sports impeccably manicured lawns, floor to ceiling windows and endless WIFI access in range of the pool. Actually only one of those three statements is false.

The origin story of this horror-awful house is worth a telling, as apparently the facility was begun after hundreds of glistening roaches apparently fell from it into a basin on the floor before crawling quickly onto the workers’ arms, torsos and hair. Quel Horror.

Wen Jianguo, the manager of the factory, said he was “more shocked and curious than scared…I was startled and wanted to learn more about them,” Wen said.


Actually, you know what. I think we’ve feared the cockroach for too long. I think it’s time we make friends. Despite that fact that we bristle at their looks, they’re built correctly to survive this place we call ours.

In fact, if the bombs do come, we’re going to need some help to survive the coming wasteland.

Maybe we can start by drinking their milk.

Nummy nummy nums nums.


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