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AI to predict, judge and fix our cooking

It seems that AI no longer trusts us to follow a recipe, as a new algorithm will now predict and correct our awful cooking.



The march of AI is a great advance slowed by the general idea that they’re not helping us, they’re showing us up.

To that end, it seems that AI’s marginalisation of our intelligence has reached the kitchen, as it no longer trusts us to follow a simple recipe. In other words, they know we’re imperfect, so they’re trying to help us. See what I’m saying.

What scientists have created is a salad-and breakfast-food-predictor. Which is nothing new, as the Jetsons already did in an alternate future timeline back in 1962. Nevertheless, new research details how a machine learning algorithm was trained with hours of videos of people preparing salads and breakfast food.

Now, apparently, it can predict the next few steps of all sorts of recipes when the system sees someone start to make one. So, think of it as the AI version of your learned uncle who pushes you off the barbecue when he sees you stray from his method.

The scientists behind this dream of a future where smart home devices recognise what you’re doing and automatically step in to help. So, hell, essentially. I can do it, Hal.

Think of it. The path to hell paved with micro-management. Your smart speaker could remind you that you skipped a step of a recipe, or a your stove could adjust the heat as you put each ingredient on the pan. In short, a fine place where nothing bad at all might happen, an infallible system that would certainly not fall for your spouse and try and eliminate you.

What? It’s happened before.



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