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Davis’ resignation means Brexit (not football) is coming home

This morning, Brexit’s head negotiator resigned, leaving Theresa May to wave the flag against the force of a storm she created.



Brexit, much like football, is coming home.

This morning, the first lord of the exit, chief Brexit negotiator, David Davis has pulled the pin. Moronic name aside, Davis represents the latest of the last straws. On Friday, Theresa May loudly proclaimed that “we are now a cabinet of collective responsibility”, On Sunday, her attack dog drove itself to the v-e-t.



As Twitter espoused, we’re now entering the Lord of the Flies stage of Brexit. It’s now a question of who is next. Rescue is not forthcoming. Even if it does, they’re not the same kids anymore. They’ve seen and done things they never envisioned doing. Survivor’s desperation has pushed them to devour their neighbours. While the giant beheaded boar of political mismanagement shifts in the darkness, even if its head is already on the pike, it remains a symbol of how far they’ve come, how much progress has not been made.

Much like in the book, the evil is inside each party. Choices are made on the basis of fear. What we have is a decision that really wasn’t a decision. One that doesn’t work, but one that will be enacted, at the very personal cost of each civilian. Each EU national that has to jump through hoops for no discernable reason, each neighbour is split against the other, each generation is carved in two disparate parties.

Why? And for what?

May is polishing the silver on her Titanic, but it’s a vessel she knowingly steered into the iceberg. The lifeboats are staffed with strange faces. Head Eurosceptic Nigel Farage actually said: “As I have often said and shall go on saying: the essential feature of Europe and indeed of the Western hemisphere is the nation, and furthermore the sine qua non of democracy is the authority of the nation-State…whether we like it or not, the fact is that Europe is not a single nation and does not constitute a single sovereignty. It consists of a group of nations. To set up a Government based on a non-existent nation and to expect this authority to rule over Governments securely based upon their respective nations is to court disaster”

This is the same man who petitioned a nation to leave the EU, all to avoid becoming the United States of Europe. 

When the truest of true believers decide to stop believing, it’s time to pull the great big emergency brake. Obviously, they’ve steamed beyond that point, and with Brexit twelve months away, what we’re left with is an argument about the definition, lives frozen in nonsense phrases. Soft remain, hard remain.



What we’re left with fragmental division. The vote awarded them an arbitrary number and nothing more. The English are left picking out the morsels of value in a steaming pile of heaped refuse. They’ve entered into a marriage that they staying in to keep the peace, to save the feelings of the other, and as a result, no-one is getting their rocks off in this rocky union.

Remain, leave, whatever. What we’re really left with is the biggest political nothing in modern history. The truth is that the EU is as broken as the UK is. Neither can stand on their own. They’re both the boy in the bubble and the disease that keeps him there. It’s easy to say it now, but perhaps the best path would have been just feeding him through the hole in the plastic. It’s not the best of existences, but it would have been better than puncturing the hole, before attempting to patch it back up.

No wonder their focus is elsewhere.






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