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While you were asleep: Boris Johnson quits, internet circles around dancer, Robin Wright addresses Spacey (sort of)


Well, there’s shades of difference this morning, as Boris Johnson quit over Brexit, the internet danced over a ruling and Robin Wright finally decided to address Spaceygate.




Boris quits over Brexit, and missed he certainly shall be.

Boris Johnson, we hardly knew ye. The man made most famous by palming off Brexit and a child the in the same way (full pace, and no clue) has resigned.

Sadly, the internet cares not for the decision, as they decided to glibly reminded him that he should have quit earlier, for something else.


The issue, typically, was Theresa May’s handling of Brexit, but the manner in which this resignation kicked off is worth a retelling, as it echoes every anonymous intern/temp/casual employee’s exit. He was supposed to be somewhere, wasn’t, and then later quit, presumably via texted message.




Oh, Boris. You will be missed.




Internet takes umbrage with Iranian dancer’s outing, steps the tango of protest.

According to the internet, one Iranian woman is now facing brutal punishment for the crime of dancing.



The woman, Maedeh Hojabri has since inspired a wave of similar steps in solidarity. Which is emboldening.




But with that being said, I’m not saying that it isn’t happening, but perhaps we should step lightly with our assumptions.


House of Cards’ Robin Wright finally discusses the Spacey incident… just in time for the last series!

It was the moment where things changed, one where our well of adoration for Kevin Spacey was forever poisoned, and in turn, cast an endless cloud of the House of Cards he sat in. Since that moment, the series has carried on with Claire Underwood taking the reins, but they’ve all done so, without addressing it.

Until now. Now, the grand matriarch of television Washington has spoken out, addressing the collected media about a moment that was important, but it certainly was a while ago.



I mean, fair play to her for speaking out, and I’m sure there are reasons why it took her so long to speak out.



The timing is suspicious, as it now seems more like very timely marketing instead of an altruistic stand. I say timely, as just last week, the House of Cards PR machine creaked back into life with an announcement on July 4.



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