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Thai government will now use Elon Musk’s submarine. Eventually.

We all laughed when Elon Musk’s offer of a submarine was rebuffed. However, it now seems that the Thai government will find a use for it. They didn’t say when.



Earlier this week, we lost the plot when Elon Musk lost the plot. The Thai government decided to say ไม่เป็นไรขอบคุณ (no thanks – Ed), they didn’t need his submarine, and thusly, they didn’t need him. So, laugh we did. 



The important part of the story, of course, was the unexpected rescue of all 13 kids from the Tham Luang Cave. The less-important part was the post-script, as the Thai rescue chief called Elon’s device “not practical” for the operation.



However, a silver lining to this true lump of internet coal, as it seems the Thai military may now find use of Elon’s white elephant.



The important thing to note is that they didn’t say when exactly.

Womp womp.



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