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Catfish hunters, you can now be paid to stalk people online


Weeding out the catfish through stalking people online is a reality of modern day life. However, one company is now offering to do it for a price. Career change?



About this time last century, the private eye was an odd institution. It was a profession solely staffed by the half-lost, half-drunk (and often half-erect) men who nary knew the touch of the sun or a woman, save for the sunlight that struggled through the Venetian blinds and the vowels of the smoking dames that materialised in their office.



However, finding out sensitive details about bae in the modern realm is quite different, as everyone possesses a person in their social circle who is able to track down the missing information on that new person in quick time. It’s important, as catfish heavily populate the waters of the dating ocean, and it’s important to have an Ahab you trust.

Fortunately, that person you know can now get paid for their particular set of skills, as one ex-cop has set up a service called ‘Vet Your Date’, which offers to do all the legwork to ascertain if the person they say they are, are the people they say they are. That, or they’re offering to have them neutered. Either or.

According to the internet, the company is a planning on making a monthly subscription model for those who need it. You know what that means?

Growth of the brand means there’s money afoot.

Best your pal starts drafting that cover letter.


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