Jordan King Lacroix

Scott Morrison, the placeholder PM


He might act like he belongs there, but in actuality, Scott Morrison is only warming the seat.



Scott Morrison, our Prime Minister du jour, is nothing but a placeholder. Like a seat-filler at the Oscars, he’s there to make the place look functional and full, as if everything is life as normal. The truth is, though, he gate-crashed into the leadership position, bluffing his way through the gate when pressed for an invite. He’s here to make the event an event.

Morrison was sold to the public as a “lesser of two evils”, when in actual fact he was closer to “the second of the two evils”. He has spoken his thoughts on gay conversion therapy, saying that it’s “not an issue” for him, and that he is “not planning to get engaged in the issue”. You hear that, LGBTQI+ Australians? He might “love” you, as he “loves all Australians”, but he has no plans to really help you or those of the community suffering from these damaging “therapies”.

Not long after that, he threw his weight behind the idea that we as a society don’t need “gender whisperers”, something which does not exist, in our schools, and that we should “let kids be kids”. He was, of course, referring to programs in schools that help transgender children. You know, the type of kids who are likely to be bullied and feel like they have nowhere to turn regarding what they’re going through and dealing with. Sorry, trans kids, Scott loves you, but also just wishes you would conveniently go away.

After all, conversations about sexuality make your “skin curl”, isn’t that right, Scott? That’s why you send your kids to private school, so they focus on “learning maths and science” and not how to deal with human sexuality, a thing that literally all humans have to reckon with in some way or another over the course of their lives. No. Bury that conversation, because it’s uncomfortable for you. Yes. Good.

Is that why you were happy to do nothing about the ban on important whistle-blower Chelsea Manning from entering Australia? Does she really belong on the same list as abuser Chris Brown and Holocaust-denier David Irving? But it’s fine for white supremacist Lauren Southern, “pick up artist” Julien Blanc, and alt-right “provocateur” Milo Yiannopoulos to come on in, no worries? An interesting “character test” we have for who gets into our nation.

Don’t get too comfortable, though. You’re just keeping the chair warm. You may smile when the camera pans past you, hoping that someone recognises you, but the Australian people didn’t pick you, and you’re not endearing yourself to anybody. You’re on borrowed time. You’re just here until the invited guest returns to their seat. Turnbull might have failed, sure, but his charisma renewed our hope that the future was slightly less dim. Disappointingly, the future is dim, and thy name is Scott.

When the election comes, and it’s coming soon, you’ll vacate your seat and again return to holding the wall up, smile plastered on your face.


Jordan King Lacroix

Jordan King-Lacroix was born in Montreal, Canada but moved to Sydney, Australia when he was 8 years old. He has achieved a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Sydney and McGill University, Canada, as well as a Masters of Creative Writing from the University of Sydney.

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