Church-led group calls for drug decriminalisation

Church-led group calls for drug decriminalisation

Lead by Richard Branson, the Uniting Church are pushing for complete drug decriminalisation. In fact, they’re the only church in the world suggesting the move.

“Australia needs a bill of rights” – Assange’s lawyer speaks out

Geoffrey Robertson QC has defended Salman Rushdie, he’s represented Julian Assange, and now he’s pushing for an Australian Bill of Rights.

Government rushes through legislation to crush criticism against it

In a bill that was rushed through last week, the Turnbull government has clamped down on freedom of expression under the guise of national security.

Julian Burnside: Every Immigration Minister since 2002 is guilty of human rights abuses

We need to recognise that the human rights abuses of asylum seekers is our nation’s awful legacy, and Julian Burnside knows who is to blame.

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