Analee Gale

How to regain the IQ that our smartphones have taken from us

With great connectivity, comes great detriment. Our IQs are down, and our sleep is interrupted, but here's how to get yours back.

    I largely abandoned paper notebooks a long time ago, despite ... Read the full article
Analee Gale

Analee Gale is the Food & Health Editor of TBS. Previous to that, she was a freelance writer and editor who has spent so many decades writing about being food and fitness that she sometimes forgets to actually be fit (though she never ever forgets to eat food - hangry is a thing, you know!). Analee made a tree-change from the northern beaches of Sydney, so she now taps out tales from her base in a tiny coastal town in East Gippsland, Victoria.


The cure for Alzheimer’s won’t come from pharma companies

Alzheimer’s disease is growing with our ageing population, but with no real preventative cure available, we’re all looking to science fiction.