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While you were asleep: Libs to face court over election, death for Brexit and Carson’s cookie crumbles

Well, it's death for Brexit once more, as Theresa May's plan to satisfy everyone, satisfied no-one. The Liberal Party is being taken to court and a smart man said a very stupid thing. Go back to bed, please.

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Current Affairs Wrap: Venezuela’s pseudo coup, AusPol’s latest week from hell, the MP who congratulated himself

Well, it’s been a particularly incompetent week, punctuated by Venezuela’s problematic coup and our lesser-known politicians being absolutely deplorable. But at least one elderly couple found $10m worth of methamphetamine on their doorstep. That’s good, right?

Current Affairs Wrap: Dem Joe’s fightin’ words, Anning sours rhetoric, Lime scooters wring lols

Well, as far as weeks go, it was almost tolerable. Joe Biden decided he wants to be President, Fraser Anning’s mob doubled down and one joke targeted something we all loathe.

Our own Watergate: A deluge of scandal our media ignored

Our Watergate sees water bought with taxpayer funds, filtered through a Cayman Island company owned by sitting politicians. Yet, our media has been reticent to cover it. Why?