Mathew Mackie

After Christchurch, our media has blood on its hands

In the wake of Christchurch, it became clear that the motivations were emboldened by the discourse in this country. Every media outlet is guilty of it, even this one.

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Current Affairs Wrap: A postmortem on Christchurch, kids teach us a lesson, the homeless teen with 17 scholarships

What a week it was. Christchurch suffered Australian-grown terrorism, our children marched to make us see the obvious and one homeless teen beat the odds.

Bernie v Kamala: Not all black votes are created equal

Patrick A Howell and Sara Kellel examine 2020 presidential hopefuls, Kamala Harris and Bernie Sanders. Both show that all “black” candidates are not created equal.

Current Affairs Wrap: Trump’s underling goes to jail, Abbott’s local bungle, the billion dollar prong that went wrong

Like sand through the hourglass, this was another day in our lives. Well, seven. Tony Abbott got zinged, a Trump flunkie got sent to the slammer and a billionaire was murdered by schadenfreude. Standard.