Mathew Mackie

The land girt by not seeing: We’re racist, accept it


There's a reason why instances like blackface only reoccur here. We're a racist country, operating on what our parents taught us - and I'm no different.

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One straight white man’s thoughts on the straight white men who vandalise memorials

Last night, a straight white male was charged with vandalising the Eurydice Dixon’s memorial. As a straight white male myself, I feel the need to comment. To set things straight.

We’re talking more about the Nazi’s disguise than what’s behind it

A recent English article that lavished praised on the well-dressed nature of the modern Nazi is merely the latest example of a rather worrying trend.

Current diversity drive leading to more division than harmony

The countrywide push for diversity is upon is. However, it is not always a benefit, and that is bleedingly obvious in the ad space. We should operate on merit, not quota.