Trisha de Borchgrave

Why good men can’t deliver gender equality

(AP Photo/Rob Griffith)

Despite the concerted push of good men seeking change for women, the entirety of the movement is based on the same marginalisation we're fighting. Speaking for us is not the same as giving us a voice.

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One straight white man’s thoughts on the straight white men who vandalise memorials

Last night, a straight white male was charged with vandalising the Eurydice Dixon’s memorial. As a straight white male myself, I feel the need to comment. To set things straight.

We’re talking more about the Nazi’s disguise than what’s behind it

A recent English article that lavished praised on the well-dressed nature of the modern Nazi is merely the latest example of a rather worrying trend.

Current diversity drive leading to more division than harmony

The countrywide push for diversity is upon is. However, it is not always a benefit, and that is bleedingly obvious in the ad space. We should operate on merit, not quota.