Tony Farley

Collaboration needed in taxation reform

With the political landscape being reset, Tony Farley wants both parties to act in collaboration for needed taxation reform.

  It’s difficult to go a day without hearing the word "collaboration” bandied about. Every organisation big or small knows that collaboration is essential to success. Scarcity of resources, contracting ... Read the full article
Tony Farley

Tony Farley has over 25 years experience in employment relations - he is the Executive Director of the Catholic Commission for Employment Relations. He strives to support the development of workplaces that prioritise human dignity and justice through a fair and balanced approach to employer-employee relationships and wants to create flexible work environments focussed on autonomy, accountability and value.

Turnbull’s appointment of Briggs set to stem the tide

Brand new TBSer, Sean Carmichael, explains how Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s move to appoint Jamie Briggs is an astute one.