Martin Boland

A cheater’s guide to the nerve agent Novichok


The nerve agent Novichok has returned to the general consciousness, but what exactly is it? How is it treated, and what does it do to our bodies?

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Martin Boland

Martin is a lecturer in medicinal and pharmaceutical chemistry at Charles Darwin University. Explosions, fires and things that will make you very ill were his formative events in my interest in science. Since then he's studied at Manchester Metropolitan University (BSc Chemistry) and UMIST (PhD) and worked as a postdoctoral research fellow at The University of Melbourne's School of Chemistry and then in the Department of Pathology. All that has involved him in making plastic stabilisers by the tonne; synthesizing research drug molecules in milligram quantities; studying protein-membrane interactions using instruments such as solid-state NMR and the Platypus neutron reflectometer at ANSTO; and various other projects related to pharmaceutical and biological chemistry.