Chetna Prakash

Warhol’s America vs Weiwei’s China

In this week's installment Chetna Prakash examines what Warhol and Weiwei’s works tell us about their respective countries.

  What if I told you that Andy Warhol predicted that the crude, brash, look-at-me Donald Trump would one day be a popular candidate aspiring for world domination via the American presidency? He didn’t. But his art did. The story goes ... Read the full article
Chetna Prakash

Chetna Prakash is a Melbourne-based freelancer. With her passport showing residencies to Zambia, India, Denmark, The Netherlands, Germany, UK and now Australia, she confidently lays claim to the term “global citizen”. Her favorite pastime is to look at artworks and will them to say something to her. You can read her blog at Chatnoir: A Mumbaikar in Melbourne or find her on twitter @Mumbai2Melby

Dolan Reskov

Artist Interview: Dolan Reskov

Juliette Furio chats with painter Dolan Reskov, who explores how the discipline, beauty and freedom from his past in graffiti and street art translates to the canvas. Street artist turned painter, Dolan Reskov aka Cheeba, gained some notoriety as a “writer” (graffiti artist) in the late ’90s during the 2nd wave of Sydney street art,