Glen Falkenstein

Eurovision Wrap: Guy’s whopping 196 and top 5 finish

Image: AAP
Glen Falkenstein may love reviewing films (and we love his film reviews!), but he couldn't help offer up his Eurovision wrap for 2015 because the drama and dazzle are just about as good as any film...well...kinda...   “Nothing says Eurovision like a man playing a piano that’s on fire.” Veteran commentators Julia Zemiro and Sam ... Read the full article

Eurovision: Anti-booing and boycotting

So, you’re going to show your non-support of Russia by booing their Eurovision entry this year? With fancy anti-booing technology on the cards, Tim Chandler suggests you think again.   The Eurovision Song Contest has taken the extraordinary measure of installing anti-booing technology as a Plan B to any unfavourable audience reactions – mainly towards Russia. Russia wasn’t the crowd favourite at