Nathan Jolly

200 Sad Songs: #166 Holly Throsby – When? (2011)

Image: Nathan Jolly

Holly Throsby’s When? is a song is about an important aspect of love: looking forward to when you're over the ex, and the landscape is bright once more.

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Nathan Jolly

Nathan is a Sydney-based journalist who has written for numerous publications over the years, including Junkee, This Recording, New York Post, The BRAG, SBS, Triple J Mag, Channel [V], and He used to be pretty good at hitting three-pointers, and can still cartwheel, although he never learnt to swim, drive, or manage money.

Tomayto/tomahto: The artistic synergy of the Gershwins

Never has the term ‘include your brother’ been used to greater effect than the Gershwins. George and Ira were titans together, minnows alone. Sadly, it was not to last.

200 Sad Songs: #171 Gladys Knight and the Pips – Midnight train to Georgia (1973)

Love emboldens one to make rash gestures – and you can bet your caboose that a Midnight Train to Georgia fits that category. Gladys Knight blows the whistle in today’s 200 Sad Songs.