The Masked Liberal

Scotty does know, and he’s doing a Trump


As far as the nation is concerned, Scott Morrison is incompetent. But, like Donald Trump before him, the sheer magnitude of awfulness makes him impervious to meaningful criticism.

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The Masked Liberal

The Masked Liberal is an employee of the Federal Government, and because of his political views, he must keep his identity secret. He seeks justice and even political discourse. His car is the LibMobile, and yes, it's right-hand drive.

Marketing Automation with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Customer Relationship Management solutions should give you a full view of how your clients interact with you, usually across your entire organization, from first contact. This should include the marketing activity that often is responsible for first finding the prospect, and also for much of the ongoing nurturing both before the initial sale and during

An update on the Sydney property market

There has been much literature recently on the state of the property market, including a foreseeable correction, and media reports speculating “doom and gloom”.   It’s important, however, that the market is analysed in sub-markets. For sure, the market- generally speaking- has softened. Changes in APRA regulations, coupled with changes in banking regulations have made it

Why Indonesian companies are getting some love from analysts

For a few years now, Indonesia has been stoking the interest of investors. As far back as 2016, analysts were making predictions about the country becoming the next Asian powerhouse. For example, many believe that by 2020, Indonesia will have the third-highest e-commerce numbers, with estimates set at $130 billion, thanks to an annual growth

Image: Mark Crocker

Five books that inspired me: author and spider specialist Robert Whyte

We asked author, editor, journalist and friendly neighbourhood spider-dude Robert Whyte to tell us about some of the books that inspired him to become a writer.