Mark Butler MP

Don’t be fooled, we’re having a faux debate on climate change

The debate swirling around the issue of climate change has been high on nonsense, low on objective fact. We do have options, and making Labor the climate boogieman solves nothing. 

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Mark Butler MP

Mark Butler has been the Labor Member for Port Adelaide in the federal parliament since 2007 and is the Shadow Minister for Climate Change and Energy. Mark served as Minister for Ageing and Australia’s first Minister for Mental Health in the Gillard Government. He has also held the ministries of Housing, Homelessness, Social Inclusion, Climate Change, Water and the Environment. In 2013 Mark was awarded the Alzheimer’s disease International Award for Outstanding Global Contribution to the Fight against Dementia. He was elected as National President of the ALP in 2015. Mark is the author of Advanced Australia - The Politics of Ageing, published in 2015; and Climate Wars, published in 2017.