Derryn Hinch

Time to revisit the Killing Fields

Killing Fields
Image: Natwick

Derryn Hinch returned to the Killing Fields of Cambodia, where the mistakes of the past sit awkwardly next to the mistakes of the present.

  It was the faded scrap of a t-shirt poking out of the red mud that got to me. That, and the familiar shape of teeth. And the sign that said "Please, don’t step on bones" alongside the narrow clay track ... Read the full article
Derryn Hinch

Derryn Hinch has been a journalist for 55 years. Worked in newspapers, radio and TV. Former editor The Sun in Sydney. Host of HINCH on 7 and 10 for six years. Jailed for naming paedophile priest, served 5 months under house arrest for naming serial sex offenders and jailed 50 days for contempt of court in 2014. Host HINCH Live on SKY. Sunday Night, Sunrise. Written 13 books.