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Decoding the messages left in ancient art

Decoding the messages left in ancient art

Art not only enriches our lives, it can be deeply informative. Art from ancient times is often a window through which we can learn about life, culture and the belief systems of people who lived thousands of years ago.

Terrible political change, what is it good for? Well, art, actually

As we watch Zimbabwe tear itself apart, our extended history indicates that the worse things get, the better the art we produce becomes.

Why we should still love the art of those we now loathe

Our reaction to those responsible for sexual abuses in Hollywood has been admirable, but misguided. We should still enjoy art for art’s sake.

Rome: Finding your mortality in the eternal city

Rome remains one of Europe’s most romantic cities, however, under the cobblestone beats a heart of something else entirely, for it may live on, but you will not.