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This migrant fell in love with Sydney’s Royal National Park (sort of)

This migrant fell in love with Sydney’s Royal National Park (sort of)

I might be a new resident of this land, but the alien contours of the National Park are exactly the Australia that we migrants treasure, and remember.


Current Affairs Wrap: Malaysia sees change, Australia’s worst shooting since Port Arthur, the continent that doesn’t exist

Well, what a week that was. There was diplomatic change in Malaysia, the revisitation of gun violence, and one continent ceased to exist.

Australia’s refugee crisis and the woman in the red bikini who jumped the queue

In the late 1970s, Australia was dithering on whether to allow those escaping Vietnam and Cambodia to resettle here. However, while this was happening, one woman in a bikini managed to jump the queue.

Current Affairs Wrap: America rings in 2018 with gunshots, Australia chooses her best, Woo you Mr Woo

In the week that was, while America was busy revealing her worst, Australia honoured her absolute best. Chin-chin.


Current Affairs Wrap: Donald’s new, new low, McLaughlan faces allegations, let there be memes

The more things change, the more they stay the same. In the week just gone, Donald crashed through the floor, an actor faced sexual harassment allegations and memes swept in to save us from ourselves.