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The week in Media: 26th May, 2017

Every Friday, The Big Smoke looks at industry news curated by MediaScope. This week, we bid farewell to big data, we analyse the key trends on how different generations consume media, and we illustrate why journalism is not dead.


The week in media: 12th May

Each week, we will look at industry news curated by MediaScope. This week we look at the winners of the proposed media ownership changes in Australia, the risk local journalism faces and how we can save it.

While you were asleep: WA’s funding Gonski, our press freedoms, ashes flushed at ballpark

Well. It was what it was. WA checked its bank account and swore, the duality of press freedom helped itself to our fridge, and a morbid man added to the filth in a public restroom.


While you were asleep: Trudeau shakes Trump, Meryl for POTUS, Lambie panned by fam

Well, good morning to you. What happened while you were asleep? Well the Trump-Trudeau handshake ushered in a new era of journalism, Meryl Streep practiced for her next role and Jacqui Lambie was eviscerated by a TBS alum. Huzzah!


The week in media: 14th October 2016

Each week, we look at industry news curated by MediaScope. This week we look at the future of invisible online advertising, and the 30 elements of consumer value.

Kidnap and ransom: The third world’s growing industry

Kidnap and hostage taking in disputed zones has become big business, and it is now an industry that affects all walks of life.