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The extremely weird traits of extremely famous creatives

The extremely weird traits of extremely famous creatives

Brussel sprouts, rotten fruit in a drawer, lederhosen kink. It seems the more creative an artist is, the more creative they are with their habits.

“Sexually fluid, lazy, overprivileged suburbanites” Tom Lutz of the LA review of books eviscerates America

Tom Lutz is a man of many talents, but it is his iconoclastic nous, particularly in analysing his confused homeland that stands tall.

Five books that inspired me: Award-winning crime writer Michael Robotham

With his new book The Other Wife just published, we asked Michael Robotham to share his thoughts about some of the books that inspired him to become a writer.

Terrible political change, what is it good for? Well, art, actually

As we watch Zimbabwe tear itself apart, our extended history indicates that the worse things get, the better the art we produce becomes.

The Kerouac rule: Separating the artist from their creations

2017 has presented us something galling. While artists are being torn down, their work remains. So what are we to do? Allow me to propose the Kerouac rule.     Death is in the air. Doesn’t matter what day it is, somebody’s breathing their final breath. The sun set on 2016 with a gravitational pull